Amit Srivastava- Country Head

Sudhanshu Kumar “Managing Director”

Welcome to Soliss Ortus Logistix

Sudhanshu Kumar is the managing director of Soliss Ortus Logistix. With over 23 years of work experience, he has become a person with great values and work ethics, and now is taking Soliss Ortus Logistix higher than ever. He has 18 years of experience in the banking sector and over 5 years of experience in the logistics industry. He is a professional in charge of effectively managing and leading the operations of the organization. He supervises and inspires all corporate operations, personnel, and initiatives in order to maintain and grow the business. He has the ability to inspire a group of people to unite behind a common goal. He has the ability to work in the company honestly and produce results. He combines a high level of honesty with humility and people-engagement abilities.

He is a science graduate with a master’s in Rural Development. He has worked with some of the most reputed organizations in their class. To name a few, BNP Paribas, which is a French international banking group. ABN Amro Bank, which is the third-largest bank in the Netherlands. Kotak Mahindra, an Indian banking and financial services company. Sanlam, a South African financial services group. Karvy, a financial company in India, and Motilal Wealth, which is an Indian financial company.

Our business has a seasoned crew of delivery experts who comprehend our customer's wants and consistently complete each delivery. By streamlining delivery routes and utilizing our fleet of vehicles, we aim to deliver your product across the nation as quickly as we can. This applies to every delivery service we provide, including our speed courier services and our offices are all open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

60+ Branch Office
4000+ Employees
   1000000+   Delivery every year

Sudhanshu Kumar “Managing Director”

Dalip Bisht- “Director”

Dalip Bisht, Director of Soliss Ortus Logistix

Dalip Bisht, Director of Soliss Ortus Logistix Is a seasoned leader with 29 years of professional service experience in administrating financial operations of the various companies . He is a senior financial, taxation, investment and business consultant and director with FTAGS Advisory Private Limited.

He studied PGDM finance from Bhartiya Vidya bhawan. Certification in international taxation from ICSI, cigst from ICMA and CIMFD and CIED from NISM.

He core functionality is also to takes care of International business expansion along with domestic strategic business implementation

Amit Srivastava- “Country Head”

Amit Srivastava- Country Head

At Soliss Ortus Logistix, Amit Srivastava takes care of the role of the country head. He is responsible for overseeing the growth and smooth functioning of the company throughout the nation, which includes launching, developing, and supervising the creation and distribution of the services of the company, creating annual company strategies in detail and creating operating budgets. Given the constantly evolving nature of the job, he has a natural propensity for learning new things. He possesses the adaptability, humility, and desire to keep learning necessary to stay up with the business environment's constant change.

He has over 28 years of experience working with some big firms. Eureka Forbes, an Indian multinational consumer goods company. DSS Dalmia Group, a mobile communications company. First Flight, an Indian courier company. Blaze Flash, an Indian courier service company. Overnight Express, an Indian logistics company. Capricorn Logistics, and Skynet Logistics an international logistics company are some to name.

Rohit Verma- “Head of Customer Care”

Rohit Verma Head of Customer care

The major goal of the Head of Customer Services is to forward the vision for uniform customer support standards. For the department's overall success, the Head of Customer Support is responsible for developing and implementing the company's consumer service offers. These responsibilities are taken care of by Rohit Verma at Soliss Ortus Logistix. Promoting the idea of consistent customer assistance standards is his main objective. He is in charge of planning and executing the department's consumer service offerings to ensure the department's overall success. He is extremely well-organized and devoted, has a positive outlook, is self-motivated, capable of handling numerous tasks under stress and with short deadlines, and is easily adaptable to new ideas and duties.

He has experience working with leading firms like RWORLD Express India- a cargo and logistics business, Arrow Xpress Solutions- a multi-modal logistics and distribution service, AJ Express- an Indian courier service company, TNT Express- a Netherlands-based international courier service, Jeena & Company, a logistics company based out of India, Aramex India- a Dubai-based multinational courier and package delivery company, Speedage Express Cargo, an Indian courier company and Concord Enterprises.

Our Values

Soliss Ortus Logistix is dedicated to consistently offering its clients premium messenger services at fair prices around-the-clock. By timely and professionally delivering their products, we help our customers succeed. By offering truly innovative solutions to their demands, we will consistently push ourselves to go above and beyond what our clients anticipate from us.

Our Mission

Being the nation's quickest shipper and same-day package delivery provider is our goal at Soliss Ortus Logistix. With real-time monitoring and delivery confirmation, our courier delivery men can deliver anything—from envelopes to pallets of freight—quickly. Any package, regardless of its weight, size, or location, can be delivered by us.

Our Vision

Deliveries are simply one aspect of Soliss Ortus Logistix. We provide a sense of security for everyone who needs their product delivered quickly because of our trained customer care agents, skilled, certified drivers, and cutting-edge technology. You can track your delivery in real-time thanks to our technology, and you'll get a confirmation once it's done.

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